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Welcome to Elevate Church's podcast featuring messages from our Lead Pastor, Mauricio Ruiz, and the rest of the Elevate team. These dynamic and life changing messages will encourage you no matter stage of life you are in.

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Change (Part 1)

Feb 16, 2018

To know God and remain unchanged is impossible. When God invades your life, He will leave evidence of His invasion. You can not change a mind that is not willing to change. Once you believe something and you try to unbelieve it, it becomes impossible to forget it. Therefore, it is hard to to change our way of living and the way we walk with Christ.


An article about flies and sheep discussed how every year a storm of flies attacks a herd of sheep. The sheeps get so annoyed and bombarded by these flies to the point where they commit suicide. In this same manner, the enemy comes and attacks us with his fLIES. What do flies do? They distract and irritate you.

When we decide we want to change (such as starting a business), the enemy will begin to attack you with his fLIES. . God wants to change you, but the enemy wants to keep you where you are. If you’re caught up in a lie, nothing is going to change. Changes comes when you’re willing to yield to the truth. You need to rebuke those lies in the name of Jesus and know when the enemy is lying to you. Connect with the Holy Spirit to know when you are being attacked by the flies of the enemy.